A Blend of White Oak and Sawtooth Acorns

Naturally produced by God—Hand selected by Adam Andrews.

  • More than 100 species of wild animals consume acorns. 
  • Acorns are so important in their diets that Whitetail Deer and Wild Turkey change their movement patterns in response to acorn availability.
  • Because of their sweet flavor, wildlife biologists agree that acorns from the White Oak and Sawtooth are the number one food choice for deer.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Adam Andrews, the Founder and CEO of Adam’s Acorns. I am fourteen-years old. My mom and dad are Polly and Andy Andrews. Together with my older brother Austin, we live in Orange Beach, Alabama. 

As long as I can remember, I’ve been happier outdoors than anywhere else. It must be a generational thing—from my grandparents to my parents—now to my brother and me. Fishing, hunting, or simply being still in the woods watching wildlife and taking photos, nothing is more fun!

Your best chance to see wildlife consistently, whether for hunting or photography, is to be where the animals eat. What do they eat? Almost everything. Grasses, soybeans, and leafy browse to honeysuckle, corn, and (if they get the chance) everything in your mom’s flowerbed!

However, as you probably already know, there is one natural food that deer prefer more than any other. Just like you and I have favorite restaurants, animals have favorite places to eat as well. And topping that list is a White Oak or Sawtooth Oak tree that is dropping acorns.

Amazingly, even though the US Forest service identifies more than fifty varieties of acorn producing oaks, the favorites of deer and other mammals are almost always White Oak or Sawtooth.

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Here Are Some Photos to Prove it:

Why Animals Love Acorns

Most acorns are high in tannins, which produce a bitter taste. Therefore, the lower the tannin level is in acorns, the more desirable they are to wildlife.

That means, with tannin levels at the lowest end of the scale, Adam’s Acorns—my premium White Oak/Sawtooth blend—is like candy to a big buck! Here’s where it gets really interesting…

When White Oak or Sawtooth acorns drop, it doesn’t take the deer, hogs, and other animals long to find them and vacuum them up. This makes an actual stand of White Oak or Sawtooth trees a PERFECT spot for bowhunting early fall.

Unfortunately, because these particular acorns drop fast—sometimes within 10 days—they are gobbled up quickly.

NOW…with Adam’s Acorns, you can extend the life of the location as long as you like. Simply scatter my White Oak/Sawtooth blend under and around the trees—exactly where the deer have been eating them all along!

I look forward to hear about your success. And I’d love to see some photos! 


Adam Andrews

On White Oak Acorns

From Dr. Grant Woods, Wildlife biologist, Land-Management Consultant, GrowingDeer.com:

As Fall progresses it usually means changing deer hunting strategies to remain successful! Once acorns start falling, deer tend to change patterns and abandon all other food sources in favor of white oak acorns. 

Whitetails in most areas have been eating acorns as long as there have been acorns. They obviously enjoy the taste of acorns as they often abandon soybeans, etc., as soon as acorns begin to fall.

Actually, deer will abandon almost every type of forage crop and eat acorns. Deer strongly prefer white oak over red oak acorns. White oak acorns have a lower concentration of tannic acid compared to red oak acorns. This acid makes red oak acorns taste very bitter!

If white oak acorns are available where you hunt, that’s most likely what deer will be having for dinner. If you hunt in an area that is primarily agriculture fields, finding and hunting the limited white oak trees is a relatively easy strategy.

Knowing that deer love acorns, especially white oak acorns during the early season, makes it seem easy to find a good stand location. That is the case if you hunt in an area where most of the land is row crop agriculture and acorns are only available in a limited area. Find the acorns and you’ll likely know exactly where deer are feeding!

Adam’s Facts

  •  Adam’s Acorns are packaged in 8 and 15 pound bags.
  •  We do not hold inventory. The Adam’s Acorns you receive are all from this year’s crop.  
  •  Adam’s Acorns are handled as little as possible with clean, scent-free hands.
  •  Your acorns will arrive via Priority Mail. Shipping and handling are already included in the price.
  •  While it is rare that even one of Adam’s Acorns are rotten, there are always a few with shells that have begun to split. This is normal and actually releases that “dinnertime” scent that deer smell from a long distance away. 
  • It is also possible there might be several small, white grubs in the bottom of your box when your acorns are delivered. These grubs, if present, are normal, natural and nothing to worry about.
  • They are larvae of a small beetle common to Oak trees. Known as the long-snouted acorn weevil, in the woods, they would have exited the acorn and burrowed into the ground, emerging the following year as adults. As adult weevils, they would have climbed the oak, laid eggs in the growing acorns, and the process would have started all over again.This species of weevil is one of over one hundred species of insects that feed on acorns. The acorn weevils do not do enough damage to cause harm to oak trees.Curiously, biologists say that if animals eat the acorns with the grub still inside, they even add a tiny bit of protein to the nutritious nut!

Tips for Spreading Acorns

  • When I scatter Adam’s Acorns in the woods, I first take several and pulverize them with an old brick or rock, tossing the crumbly bits, shells and all, with the other acorns. This is like putting the scent on steroids, allowing deer to find the acorns faster. By the way, if you’d rather not get on your knees to pound acorns, the blender in your house does an even better job. However, if you do use the blender, make sure it is clean, dry, and scent-free. And don’t tell your mother.

  • While nothing takes the place of a good program of de-scenting your hunting clothes, crushing a few Adam’s Acorns under the soles of your boots before getting close to your stand is an excellent trick to add to your arsenal. Simply find a rock or a piece of hard ground and quietly grind the acorns underfoot.


  • Some people think that a grunt tube or rattling antlers are the most effective calls for deer. While those sounds do work, there is nothing quite like the noise big white oak or sawtooth acorns make hitting the ground in an area deer have eaten those acorns before. The next time you’re in the woods, stop and listen to the whitetail’s version of a dinnerbell. Those acorns hit the ground hard and can be heard from quite a distance by a hungry buck. Can you approximate that sound with a pocketful of Adam’s Acorns from your tree stand? Yes… Yes, you can!

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